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About Us


About Waxxe

Founded in iconic West Hollywood, Waxxe is an online shopping boutique featuring carefully curated timeless pieces reminiscent of high society culture. Playful sophistication defines us. Dangerous femininity drives us. 


The Waxxe Society

The Waxxe Society is a members only group which aligns fierce female figures from all backgrounds with women's fashion to celebrate our common ideals and accomplishments. By recognizing the same women we idolize within our ambassador program, we gain guidance from those who are on top of their game—not to mention a badass sense of community. Our monthly luncheons and afternoon tea events serve as a networking turf and aid in our members' never-ending search for polished perfection. We keep the ball rolling and serve as a charging station for your electrical bad self!  


Our Jam

What defines us? Here at the Waxxe Society, we always pay it forward. We are grateful for our prestigious squad. We frequent the same events together and stand proud to know one another. Keeping it classy is a must. Being the boss of our own lives is key. We appreciate and possess the perfect balance between feminine elegance and being a subtle beast. If you're lucky enough to do well, it's your responsibility to send the elevator back down.


We would love to hear from you!

Rise to the occasion and become part of the Waxxe Society. Drop us a line with any advice, questions, concerns, or just to say hi! 

Contact the Waxxe Team 24/7 at info@waxxelabel.com

IG: @WaxxeLabel

Twitter: @WaxxeLabel




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